The dreaded about me box…

I’m a 27 year old with a passion (if you asked my future wife she would say obsession) for model aviation.  I live in a nice college town on the South Shore in Massachusetts with my fiance Jules,  and our two cats (Maui and Charly).  We have only been living in our first house together for a few months but we are loving it.  We love our neighborhood, our house, and our town.  I am a member of the local RC flying club and on most nice days you can find me flying my planes at the club’s field.

Now for some non plane related stuff…I grew up on the South shore so you could say I am a definite Townie.  I studied Biochemistry at BSC (now BSU) and graduated with a B.S in 2006.  Before that I was heavily involved in the Boy Scouts, earning my Eagle Scout award and ran Track and Field in High School.  I am employed for a large company specializing in hazardous waste management and deal with environmental regulatory compliance and health and safety issues (it’s a hard job to explain exactly what I do but basically I review hazardous waste for chemical compatibility and figure out how to most cost effectively dispose of it).



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