Posted by: scote621 | April 24, 2012

Scratch Build – generic Fighter jet

I decided I wanted to make another attempt at a scratch-built fighter pusher jet plane.  The last one I made flew pretty well but there was a rather large design flaw on my part that led to the wings folding and the plane collapsing on a high speed banked turn.  I had not reinforced the wings adequately.  This time around I tried to use what I learned and I think I was successful.  This plane is made from 3 foam boards taped together, outline drawn out, peices cut, taped and glued together.  each foam board is only about 10 inches long and about 30ish inches long (sorry don’t have the exact measurements right now but you get the idea).  I loosely based the shape of this plane on a F-22, though I feel like it has more of a YF-23 black widow appearance based on the more narrow wings, and vertical stabilizer shape.  The motor is a BP 2212-6 (2200 KV) running a 6×4 apc prop and a 40amp BP ESC.  Two 9g micro  servos to run the elevons that I pulled out of retired parkzone plane.



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