Posted by: scote621 | April 18, 2012

Titan Build Log Part 1

I wanted to share my build of a new titan rc plane.  This plane was purchased this afternoon at Target on my lunch break and is near completion after about 2 hours worth of work.  I am going for a speed demon with this plane, the motor is 3700KV and is meant for a gear box on a helicoptor, should be ok using a 55 amp ESC with a small APC prop.  As most people in the hobby know this isn’t exactly a cheap hobby but with a little ingenuity and effort you can make it more affordable.  So what is the cost of this plane you may ask…

AirHogs Titan glider $10

brushless motor-free (hand me down from a friend) Using an Align 430xl with an APC prop 4.1×4.1

ESC-free hand me down from a fellow club member 55amp

servos-were very cheap recyled from previous planes that had been “retired” but lets say overall $20

hardware-also being recylced and I would say they originally cost me about 15 dollars

receiver-was about $60 dollars new (I have had this one for awhile)

So just around $100 dollars total worth of materials of which most of it I already had laying around!

Now let’s get started!


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