Posted by: scote621 | March 15, 2012

Titan Season is nearly upon us!

What is Titan season you ask?   Titan season starts in early spring and usually lasts through most of the summer.  Titans are 10 dollar hand thrown foam (EPS) gliders made by AirHogs and sold at stores such as Wal-Mart and Target.  They are meant for young children to easily set up and have fun throwing outside, BUT they also just so happen to be a wonderful platform for turning into a low cost high performance RC plane.  There are numerous threads on RCgroups and wattflyer regarding their conversion.  Here is what a stock Titan glider looks like.

The wings and horizontal stabilizer are removable and held on by just friction (at least for the intended use).   If you have  spare electronics laying around from an old crash and want a low cost plane to put them in that is unique, easy to make and has lots of room for adding your own flair too then I highly suggest going to the store and picking one of these up.  This would also make a great father/son project.

Here are some pictures of some conversions I have done,  Some have been very successful and others well they were good for a laugh

RIP Blue titan, flew great until battery came loose and knocked out power to receiver :(

(this one flew very well but was lost to a loss of TX/RX bind always make sure you have a solid bind light on Spektrum equipment)

EDF Titan version 2.1 repairs made and new 70mm multiplex/himax 400 watt edf unit installed!

(EDF version, flew well a few times but was a little under-powered)

another pic of the nightflyer

(Added lights for night flying unfortunately I made the nose to thin when I hollowed it out for the battery and rx bay and it lost integrity after about 8 weeks of heavy use and the nose would flex to much leading to uncontrollable plane)

blue angel inspired experimental titan pusher jet.

(my attempt at a blue angel inspired canard pusher jet, this was the prototype.  The angle of the canards and thrust angle of the motor is very tricky to get worked out but flies great once you do)

titan pusher jet V 4.0 flies great!

(canard pusher final version)

night flying fun jets anyone?

(Night flying canard titans)

Good pic of the titan fleet

(pic of some of last years titans)

As you can see you can do a lot of things with these cheap gliders and here is the proof that they do fly quite well.


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