Posted by: scote621 | March 12, 2012

Sharing my addiction

One of the thing’s I enjoy most about my hobby (addiction) is sharing it with young kids.  Wow that sounds really wrong if you don’t know I am talking about flying model planes!  I am fortunate enough to have a large soccer field complex 10 minutes away from my job and I go there to fly for 30 minutes or so on my lunch hour whenever the weather cooperates.  Often times there are parents playing with there pre-school age children.  The kids and parents are usually very curious and come up asking me questions.  Of course the kids (particularly the little boys) ask me “Can I fly the plane?” I have to explain that it’s harder than it looks and redirect them but that’s usually not to hard they just enjoy watching.  I try to plug the hobby to the parents, especially the ones with the older children, and tell them about our club and how to get started with a beginner plane and an instructor to save time,  frustration and most importantly to Mom and Dad money.

What really seems to interest them are the scratchbuilt foam planes.  They are amazed that something made of foam board they use for their school projects can be made into a controllable rc plane.  They really like the added features such as LED’s for night flying.  I just hope one of these days I get to see one of the kid’s that came up to me and asked questions flying their own plane, even more so something they designed and built themselves.  I think that would just be great.

Here is a little video showing some night flying in a small condo courtyard down at a friend’s place in Southern RI.


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