Posted by: scote621 | March 9, 2012

Hello world!

My First Blog post!

Yes, I know how could this possibly be my very first blog post?  I am a member of the most technologically connected and knowledgeable generation to ever set foot on the planet.  Born in 1984, we have grown up and evolved with our technology in a symbiotic way.  Kids in grade school now do not even know why the save icon on their screen looks like it does…”you mean you used to have to insert a square plastic thing into the computer???”  The reason why I have not blogged in the past was that I felt like it was a little narcissistic to be honest.  I mean really what do I have to say that could matter so much that people wanted to read it and dare I say follow my blogging?  Now I view it in the way I think it was intended to be as a way of sharing information and ideas with a global audience.  I still find it amazing how widespread yet connected the world is.  Our technology has enabled us to be able to connect and share ideas like never before.

My intent for this blog is to focus on RC planes, but I don’t intend to stick to that exclusively.  I may use it as I see fit, to express opinions, tell a funny story, link a funny pic or video or anything I want really.  I hope to connect with my fellow RC enthusiasts, friends and family in a new way.



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